Duffee: ‘Mir Just Wants Paydays, I’m Too Dangerous’

Todd Duffee

Todd Duffee

“He made it very clear he is ready to fight this summer but instead he tried to cherry pick fights.┬áCalling out a guy who is not even on the roster (Brock Lesnar) and a guy he’s already beaten and not just beaten but finished twice (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira). To me, that’s where I’m at now it just doesn’t make sense. He’s doing it for a payday. If they’re going to have the rankings then you can’t have guys like that ranked. If you’re going to be No. 11, be No. 11 or get out of there.

In a new interview with FOX Sports, UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee threw Frank Mir under the bus, the same Frank ┬áMir he’s been calling out for weeks with no luck.





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