DROPPED! Florian Lands Nasty Bodyshot While Sparring

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UFC fighter turned UFC on FOX Analyst and colour commentator Kenny Florian is STILL dropping people in sparring sessions. Florian has not stepped into a cage since his loss to Jose Aldo at UFC 136, but still loves the perfect execution of body shots. Check out his knockdown and explanation below:

Body shot KO’s may not be as sexy as a head shot KO but they can be just as effective. #BodyShots are much more about accuracy than power and putting an upward angle on the strike is recommended. Repeating a combo back to back can come as a surprise to an opponent as well. A good strike to the body causes tremendous pain and puts the body into shut down mode when the vagus nerve is affected. This is an example from earlier today. #mma #boxing #muaythai #kickboxing

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