Dr. White? Jose Aldo Dismisses Dana’s False Injury Claims

Jose Aldo


UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is still answering questions about his rib injury, the one that forced him to pull out of UFC 189.

White said, in a fan Q&A, that Aldo never had a fractured rib, just a bruised one and that the injury shown in the photos Aldo released was an old one.

Well, Aldo, during a press conference held at a gym in Brazil, responded to those claims:

“I was hurt, I have nothing to say. You can look at my x-rays if you want to. I showed them everything, x-rays, cat scans, videos, you name it. Sometimes things get lost in translation. Dana knew I was hurt. He’s not a doctor, he’s the UFC president, he promotes fights. Who can tell if I’m hurt or not should be someone who knows what they’re talking about. Many doctors saw what happened. He can say whatever he wants.” via Combate
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