Dos Anjos on Khabib: ‘I’m going to shut him up’

“I was preparing to fight, almost ready, with no injuries and my opponent hurt himself. But, in the end, I liked it because they gave an opponent with more expression. Khabib is undefeated. I believe that winning on him would be a bigger than one over Khabilov”.

“I think that Khabilov has better wrestling than Khabib, he has better takedowns, but in general they have a similar style, both have heavy right hands and my training was kept in the same way. But he is the fighter with the best record that I have ever faced, no doubt”.

“You can wait for me coming too prepared and I definitely will bring this win. I’m going to make Khabib stop this talking of nobody wanting to fight him because he is a guy who is talking a lot. I’m going to shut him up so he can learn to not bad talk jiu-jitsu and I’m going to make him throw that shirt in the garbage”.

Rafael Dos Anjos, recently discussed his upcoming fight with the undefeated Russian Sambo specialist, Khabib Nurmagomedov, with MSN Esportes.

The two lightweights fight at UFC on FOX 11.

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