Dos Anjos: ‘Nate Diaz doesn’t deserve this fight’



“I think people started talking more about me after that fight [against Benson Henderson], but I think my big dream is still coming. I have a fight against a top guy, Nathan Diaz, on Dec. 13. My focus is on that fight right now, and I’m looking forward beating him and getting my title shot.”

“I was surprised because he hasn’t fought in a year, and he’s not in the top 10. I wanna be in shape, stay active.

To be honest, I think no, he doesn’t deserve (this fight). But like I said, I accepted this fight because I wanna be active, I wanna be in shape, and I wanna fight at the same time of the title fight because we have a good time to fight next. I wanna have my chance. I wanna be the first Brazilian to get this belt. I wanna get this belt to Brazil.”

“Melendez fought three times in the UFC. His first fight was the title and he lost. He almost lost to Diego Sanchez, it was a tough fight, and he’s fighting for the title again. In my opinion, it’s not fair. After I beat Nate Diaz, I think I deserve a title shot.”


In a recent interview with, top UFC lightweight contender, Rafael dos Anjos discussed his upcoming bout against popular UFC veteran, Nathan Diaz.


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