Donald Cerrone: “I’m Broke…I Have No Idea What Saving Money Is”


Top Lightweight Fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone recently talked to Majority Draw Radio about his upcoming fight with Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Adriano Martins. When asked if this was the fight that he wanted, Cerrone admitted:

“I don’t give a shit either way. Whether I want or don’t want, or say ‘yeah’ …they tell me.”

When asked if he planned on being as busy in 2014 as he was in 2012 and 2013, Ceronne responded, “We’re going for six [fights] this year, brother. We’re going for six, alright.”

MDR went on to ask Cerrone if he would have preferred to fight a higher caliber fighter, considering all the great fights Cerrone has had and the name he’s established for himself within Mixed Martial Arts.

“I guess the guy has great jiu-jitsu …  I don’t know anything about the guy, as fucked up as that is. Some motherfucker has to fight me, so that’s all I care about, you know and I’ll be ready and whether he’s in the rankings, I don’t care, I’m coming out to fuckin’ kick ass, bro.”

MDR goes on to ask, “What can we expect to see from you on the 25th?”

“A fuckin ass whoopin’! I’m coming hard, I’m back! I’m ready to make that fuckin’ title run!”

When asked to elaborate on what he meant by he’s “back”, Cerrone replied:

“I don’t know where I went. What happened is I got real comfortable, financially, and just kinda let off everything. In training, I lost my fire and I just, I don’t know. I was training, I was going through the motions but I didn’t have that like deep down inside… I feel like I got my hunger back. I’m loving training again, loving fighting again and uh… what really happened is I spent all my money and now I’m broke so I only got one choice and that’s to fight… After this fight I’m totally looking to get right back in the game, trying to maybe get on that March card down in Dallas and go after one of the top four, top five guys.”

MDR asked Cerrone what type of things he’s been doing to ensure that that happens:

“A lot more fuckin-off, a lot more hunting and screwing off, eating shitty food… I made it here on fuckin’ Fruit Roll-Up’s and candy, and I plan on sticking with it.”

MDR went on to ask, “As a guy who’s kind of excited by dangerous prospects, was that part of why you were spending your money? Did you want to feel like you had to fight again because of financial reasons to light that fire under you?”, to which Cerrone replied:

“No, I’m just out of control. It’s hard to have money in the bank and want something and not get it. I just fuckin’ buy it. I have no idea what saving money is.”

Tune in to UFC on Fox 10, January 25th from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois to see Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone take on Adriano Martins.

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