Dominick Cruz: ‘I Could Be Duane Ludwig’s Coach’


The talking has started and seems to only be getting more and more volatile between current UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw and former champ Dominick Cruz.

Cruz went on The MMA Hour and completely unloaded on Dillashaw’s striking coach Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig.

Check it out!

“Duane Ludwig is the same guy who told (Joseph) Benavidez, ‘just keep going forward on Demetrious Johnson. He doesn’t sit down on his punches, he can’t knock you out.’ What happened to Benavidez? He got knocked out, and that’s because Duane Ludwig told him ‘don’t worry about Demetrious Johnson knocking you out, just go forward, he doesn’t hit hard.’ Duane Ludwig could learn something from me. I could be Duane Ludwig’s coach. Straight up. And so could (Alliance MMA head trainer) Eric del Fierro. Duane Ludwig is talking a bunch of nonsense about knocking me out. He doesn’t know anything. Have you heard him in an interview? He’s stuttering the whole time. The guy has been hit in his head too much already.”
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