Dolce On Ex-Client Hendrick’s Failed Weight Cut — ‘It was a comedy of errors’

Johny Hendricks

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks has had a troubled past with making weight for the 170 pound division.

Most recently, just a day before his scheduled fight at UFC 192, Hendricks was rushed to the hospital after suffering an intestinal blockage and a kidney stone, caused by his weight cut. After the shocking news, information started coming out about how Hendricks came into his camp at 200-215 pounds and was actually 20 pounds over when he showed up for fight week.

For his last fight Hendricks and his dietitian, Mike Dolce parted ways and Hendricks decided to do things himself, as far as nutrition and cutting weight. He was successful in his last outing, but this time failed to even make it to the scale.

Dolce recently talked to The MMA Hour about Hendricks weight cut issue and had this to say:

“It was certainly a comedy of errors and most of it falls on Johny’s shoulders for coming into camp much too heavy as he once did. That was kind of his M.O., feeling that he could get the weight off. But in your early 30s, you just can’t do that. With his body-fat percentage, you’re not able to get that weight off in a healthy manner. You really start to dehydrate the organs in the process. And I think that’s where his body started to shut down.”

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