Dillashaw wants Barao rematch behind him

“I’m super excited about getting him behind me. This is the third training camp I’ve had to fight him. He’s too big for the weight class. I’m going to force him to move up a weight class. I’m too fast for him.”

Dillashaw on if he’d fight Urijah Faber: “I don’t want to have to fight the guy. He got me into this. We’ve been super close for five years. He’s been a great mentor for me. It’d be a tough thing for me to have to do.”

Dillashaw on if he’d fight flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson for two million dollars: “I’ll fight anyone for two million dollars. I’d fight DC. I’ll fight him for a whole lot less. For him to say that is ridiculous, and a way to get some talk going. That’s not going to happen. I think it’s a way to hype some things up.”