Dillashaw: ‘I know the weaknesses in Dominick Cruz’s game’

cruz dillashaw

“Of course that I absorbed a little of what he does and transformed this in my own way of doing. You can’t copy exactly what he does, you have to develop your own style. But, yes, I studied him a lot and I needed to be him while training with Urijah. I also know the holes and the weaknesses of Cruz’s game because I was trying to instruct Urijah. Then I brought that strategy for my bout. Against Renan Barao, I moved my feet a lot and that’s what Cruz does. But I think that I was a little more technical and dangerous than him. I think that I’m as elusive as him, but better.”

“That’s the fight I want, everybody wants to watch. He was away for a while because of an injury, he hasn’t lost, so I want to fight against him because he was the champion. I feel that this is the biggest fight that I can have and this is my goal, to beat him. When I began in this sport, he was the champion already. I don’t think that he changed, I hope not, because he was the champion. He looked more aggressive against Takeya Mizugaki but I think that he just did that because of his opponent. I think that against me it’s going to be completely different.”


In a new interview with Combate.com, UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw discussed a potential showdown with the former champ, Dominick Cruz.




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