Diego Sanchez Comments On Beef Tartare Incident: ‘you’re an idiot sometimes’

Diego Sanchez managed to get himself on the upcoming UFC Fight Night 42 card. He’ll face fellow TUF alumni Ross Pearson in front of his home crowd when the UFC goes to Albuquerque, NM for the first time. Sanchez is coming off of a rather disappointing and lackluster performance. He lost to Myles Jury via unanimous decision. Sanchez looked slow during the fight, where he got picked apart for three rounds, but insisted that he was in great shape. Instead, Sanchez gave a reason for his very un-Sanchez like performance. He tweeted that he was suffering from food poisoning, brought on by his pre-fight meal of steak tartare and raw quail egg.

Sanchez spoke on The MMA Hour, where he discussed his upcoming fight, fighting in his hometown, and the whole raw steak incident.

“I didn’t have any energy, and then on top of that I was dehydrated because I couldn’t hold water down, so I just went out there with an empty tank and it was just like my speed wasn’t there, my energy wasn’t there. If you noticed, I was trying to get myself pumped up the way I get pumped up in a fight … but I didn’t even have the energy to get pumped up.

“It wasn’t bad luck. It was a bad decision on my part. And I learned from it, trust me.

“I was like, ‘I’m so ready, I can have whatever I want.’ And I ate a super raw steak and I had a beef tartare with a quail egg as my appetizer. You know the age-old thing? The age-old boxers, like, if you eat blood, it’s going to make you an animal? That was my mindset, as stupid as it is. I look back and I’m like… man, you’re an idiot sometimes.”

By Ryan Miller | Twitter

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