Diaz: “I’m the right guy for the job”

Nick Diaz2

Stockton bad boy Nick Diaz is currently gearing up for his UFC 183 bout against Anderson Silva on January 31st. It will be Diaz’s first bout in the cage since losing to GSP in a welterweight title fight in March of 2013, and it will be Anderson Silva’s first fight since snapping his shin in December of 2013.

Diaz spoke on The MMA Hour to discuss his career, and the deal that finally brought him out of retirement.

“I mean, I wasn’t going to walk out of there with something I wasn’t happy with. So I just, you know, I was able to score a deal I can’t refuse. That’s how I look at it.

“I look back and think about why did I take one of these, you know, mediocre level opponents or fights, or something like that. I could see myself going, I didn’t need to do that, I didn’t need to go there. I’m not fanatical or in love with being an MMA fighter. It’s just, I’m the right guy for the job nowadays. Pretty much after my first couple pro fights I wound up being the right guy for the job, so that’s why I’m still here, and I’ll fight the right fights if I have the opportunity.”

Do you think Diaz will be able to defeat Silva?

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