Diaz Explains Antics During Anderson Silva Fight

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This past weekend Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz both returned to the Octagon, where they fought for 5 rounds to a decision that saw Silva awarded the win unanimously.

In the first round, Diaz came out quickly, trash talking Silva, even going as far as to lay on the ground, and stand with his back against the cage in an attempt to bait Silva in.

Diaz explained his over-the-top antics post-fight.

“I’m gonna talk my talk, I’m gonna walk my walk. I think we put on a great show.”

“You see me out here, I didn’t try to intimidate this dude or anything like that leading up to the fight. Maybe that could have won me the fight. He stayed the hell away from me the first round when I came out and flipped the switch on.”

You can catch the entire post-fight interview with Diaz HERE.