Diaz Camp: ‘Anderson Silva Not A Good Kickboxer’

Anderson Silva

“…It should be a good fight, [Nick Diaz] couldn’t have had better training for it. I brought in Artem Levin for him to work with, Chidi Njokuani and of course myself (Joe Schilling). Chidi was perfect to finish the camp actually, he moves just like Anderson, he’s got a similar style.

“But everybody I brought in for Nick to spar with is a better kickboxer than the guy he is going to fight, you know? Artem is a better kickboxer than Anderson, I’m a better kickboxer than Anderson, Chidi has got even better movement than Anderson. It was a good camp. I was trying to knock Nick out in sparring all the time, and not knocking him out.”

“I think it would be embarrassing for [Anderson] in there with me. The more I have studied Anderson Silva for this fight camp of Nick’s the more I think he is good at kickboxing for MMA but in a professional kickboxing fight he would get wasted.”

“They have all these videos coming out of Anderson in training, doing like jump knees and s–t, but I look at them and think he doesn’t look that good. He is moving like an old guy. He doesn’t have that fluidity that guys like me and Artem Levin have.”

During a recent chat with Bloodyelbow.com’s John Joe O’Regan, Nick Diaz training partner Joe Schilling talked about Anderson Silva’s skills.

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