Derek Brunson: ‘We learned more money for Conor McGregor doesn’t equal better fighter pay’

PhotoCred: UFC / ScrapDigest

As Jon Jones continues his recent saga with the UFC, Derek Brunson has raised a question regarding his fellow fighters on the come-up.

Early Wednesday, Jones took to Twitter to share his feelings about how $10 million to fight new heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou would be “too low.” Thus prompting one of the top middleweight contenders in Brunson to speak up.

“While we’re talking about fighters pay.What about the fighters who live fight to fight.I’m not one of them so it doesn’t pertain to me .But I’m compassionate for those individuals.The 1% need to fight their own battles.We learned more [bag of money emoji] for Conor [McGregor] doesn’t = better fighter pay [frog and coffee cup emoji]” Derek Brunson tweeted.

“I ain’t never hear a fighter on top say fighters need to be paid more , it’s always ‘I’ need to be paid more . Smart logics say if you’re on top group up . Which in return would benefit you later . But no one cares until it hits close to home!

“So with that being said Dana [White] & investors. I’m with y’all, keep eating until these guys get smart and apply that pressure . Fighters don’t sign a 10 fight contract then complain after 2 fights. Where was that energy before hand ! [thinking face emoji]”

It’s common knowledge that Conor McGregor is the highest-paid fighter in the UFC. Making millions per fight, in the many cases of fighters like Brunson is referring to, they’re making around the 12/12 starting point in the UFC – $12,000 to show, $12,000 to win.

Just a few weeks ago, Derek Brunson continued his current winning ways when he halted the momentum of one Kevin Holland. Picking up a dominant unanimous decision win in what was his fifth UFC main event and fourth straight victory.

The win catapulted the Wilmington, North Carolina native up to No. 4 in the middleweight rankings – the best position he’s been in with the company since joining through the Strikeforce merger in 2012.

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