Demetrious Johnson Fine With Flying Under The Radar

Demetrious Might Mouse Johnson Wins

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson is sometimes overlooked by many, but according to him, he’s okay with that.

The champ spoke to USA Today Sports about why he’s okay with flying under the radar.

“I do want to be a big star, but if that means I have to be somebody that I’m not and be out of character, that’s not going to fit my brand. That’s not who I am. For me, this is a combat sport and I’m about fighting.”

As the first ever UFC flyweight champion, Johnson has proven time and time again that he is the best fighter in his division, and looks to do so again tomorrow night at UFC 178.

“It’s become pretty big for me, because a lot of people become champion and lose it after one fight. Or they’ll lose it and get it back. But so far, I can show I’m a legitimate champion – I won the belt, I’ve defended it multiple times against incredible athletes, dangerous athletes in the division, and hopefully Saturday night I can do it one more time.”

“That’s the goal – to carry it till I retire. That would be fantastic. There’s always going to be another champion down the road, or a guy that will break my records and hang on to the belt longer than me. That’s life. There’s going to be a better Demetrious Johnson. There’s going to be a better Jose Aldo, a better Jon Jones. I’m just excited I can hang on to the belt this long and I plan on hanging onto it after this fight.”

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