“Darth” Believes D.C. Is A Changed Man Since Finding Success… And Not In A Good Way


It seems like the bitterness between new UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and Ryan Bader is just getting started.

Cormier took time during the UFC 187 post-fight press conference to call Bader out and the two of them almost came face to face before Bader was led out of the room. In another interview Cormier basically blamed Bader for the incident, saying he had no business crashing the press conference.

Now, Bader is speaking out about it and saying that mutual friends between the two of them have said Cormier’s attitude has changed since making it ‘big’ and that’s why he has no respect for the new champ.

Here’s what he said on Three Amigos Podcast:

“We have mutual friends that say, ‘He’s changed,’ and ‘He wasn’t there for me at this point,’ and tell me they’ve seen a change in him at the gym or whatnot. That’s somebody I don’t respect. I get playing the game and doing what you need to do to build fights, but when it comes down to personal stuff and you’re going big time and letting stuff go to your head, that’s what I don’t respect at all. There’s a common denominator here. Everybody has problems with Cormier. He talks smack with Jon Jones, with Patrick Cummins, with me. He should be enjoying his time as champ at the press conference instead of calling me out. I didn’t start that whole deal, he did. I feel like he has some insecurities that he’s not the real champ. I think there’s something going on in his head that makes him need to call out Jon Jones and call me out, and I don’t think he knows what’s going on in there.”



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