Daniel Cormier: ‘We’re Lucky To Have USADA’

Daniel Cormier interview

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier seems to be pretty happy with the UFC’s new drug testing policy, which has the United States Anti-Doping Agency handling all of the testing.

Cormier will look to defend his title for the first time when he fights Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192’s main event this Saturday. Ahead of that scrap, Cormier talked to the ‘Three Amigos Podcast’ about several topics, one of them being USADA.

Cormier expressed that he’s really happy about it and says the fighters are lucky to have USADA.

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“We’re lucky. We have the best testing of any sport right now. We’re lucky to have USADA. They’re going to test people like they’ve never been tested before. They’re going to be testing guys out of competition, and they’re not going to allow people to cheat. They’re going to clean up the sport, which will make it much better for all of us. People should be happy that USADA is involved. I know guys are upset about the IV ban, but find alternative ways to rehydrate yourself and enjoy all of the positives of the rest of the deal.

“I think this system is going to benefit guys more than they think. Now everyone is going to compete the way they’re supposed to compete. You don’t run the risk of going in there and fighting a guy who is all steroided out and getting hurt. This is a big deal for MMA.”

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