Daniel Cormier On McGregor: ‘In Just 4 Fights He’s Made More Than Most Guys Ever Will’

Top UFC light-heavyweight and Fox analyst Daniel Cormier recently spoke with BJPENN.COM’s own Layzie The Savage. DC talked about his upcoming opponent, Ryan Bader, his job on FOX and what he thinks of Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo.

DC is preparing for his first fight back since losing to Jon Jones in a championship fight. His opponent, Bader, seems to have found a second wind in his career and is racing towards the top of the division, currently riding a four fight win streak. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the AKA fighter.

“You know he’s tough,” Cormier admitted, “He’s gotten a lot better man. Ryan Bader’s had this career resurgence. He’s in the top five for the first time in his career I believe, he’s won four fights in a row and not only has he won four fights but he smashed Ovince St. Preux, who’s got a lot of hype behind him right now, he beat Phil Davis who hardly ever loses. He’s beat some good guys and this is probably the last step for Ryan Bader to try and get that title shot that’s eluded him.”

Cormier spoke about his other job, the one he does when he’s not in the cage. DC has been working as an analyst over at FOX, breaking down fights and giving his picks. Cormier says he loves the job and is surprised that they pay him to sit around and watch fights and talk about them. He hopes that the show gives off the feeling of just a couple of knowledgeable guys talking about fighting.

“We are just a few guys up there talking about the fights, just like you and your friends are, and I hope we’re giving off that vibe.”

And about that whole Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman situation, where he antagonized Wiedman and tried to get him to talk about fighting Rockhold on the broadcast, after Rockhold’s dominating showing over Lyoto Machida? DC says if he has the ability to do so, why shouldn’t he try to hype a fight between the two of them, it’s a win for both men.

“If I have the ability to make more people interested in Luke vs. Chris Weidman, I’m going to do it because that’s my brother and Chris is a good guy.”

While on the topic of hyping fights, Savage asked Cormier about Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo. What does he think of all the talk from the Irish fighter?

“Yeah, it’s great I love it. I think Conor McGregor does a fantastic job. This guy has four fights and he has made more money than most guys will make in their entire careers. It’s his ability to get up there and sell a fight. You have to be able to sell a fight. So Conor’s done a phenomenal job. Now the problem is you have to go in there and fight Jose Aldo, pissed-off Jose Aldo, and that’s no easy proposition for anyone.”

But added later,“When he starts talking it’s hard to pick against him.”

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By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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