Dana White’s Got Jokes! Drew Dober Details Prank Following Strange Ref Stoppage

Dana White



So remember when Drew Dober got screwed by the referee at UFC Fight Night 62? If you don’t then here’s a quick rundown.

The fight was stopped by the referee because he thought Dober was unconscious due to a guillotine choke…but he wasn’t and was in fact moving to get out of it. Anyway, news recently came out that the Brazilian Athletic Commission overturned the loss and made it a no contest.

Dober spoke about the situation on MMAJunkie Radio, where he also detailed a prank pulled on him by none other than UFC president Dana White. Check it out!

“Once we were back in the locker room, I was told that Dana White wanted to see me. The first thing he said was that he couldn’t believe that I would tap that quick to a guillotine and that I shouldn’t be a UFC fighter because of it. And then he smiled and said, ‘Just kidding.’ Then we laughed and he said that I would get paid the win bonus and he thought it was complete BS and would try his best to get it overturned into a no-contest.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter