Dana White: Vitor Fight’s In Brazil At TV Networks Request Not So He Can Cheat

“(If) they have a big fight that’s going to be on Globo, they wanted Vitor. So if they want Vitor, they’re going to get Vitor. Whoever they say they want, I’m going to try to make it happen. The second most important media that we’re in business with is Globo. Vitor Belfort is not fighting in Brazil because he can get away with something down there. That’s ridiculous. First of all, we wouldn’t do that for anybody. Anybody. We would never put together a situation where a fighter has an advantage over another fighter. Why isn’t he fighting in Nevada? He was going to fight in Nevada. I think in the last scrum I told you that. They want him in Brazil, so that’s where he’s going to fight. Vitor Belfort is being tested, and Vitor is within the limits of what he’s supposed to be when he fights. We’ve always been upfront. You think we would lie about that and risk the credibility of the sport, the UFC as a brand, so that Vitor Belfort could fight in f—ing Brazil and cheat? So we’re going to flip this whole f—ing thing upside down for Vitor Belfort, my best friend? It just makes no sense.”

UFC President Dana White wants to make it clear that the UFC would never assist any fighter in cheating with banned substances and/or TRT.

Vitor Belfort has been put under the microscope for his TRT use and many conspiracy theorists believe that ‘The Phenom’ is hiding his use of PED’s in the South American country where he can more easily obtain fight licensing.

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