Dana White: ‘UFC 188 Broke the Record for Most Fighters Puking After their Fights’

Dana White UFC 219

dana white

“UFC 188: Velasquez vs. Werdum” set a minor record on Saturday night: Most fighters puking after their fights in UFC history. Whether it could be credited to the high altitude or the poor air quality in Mexico City, Mexico, fighters were tossing their lunches on fight night after grueling performances.

Seven fights went the distance on Saturday night which means fourteen fighters were pushed to their limits. During the post fight press conference, Dana White revealed just how far they were pushed:

“[Werdum] went up into higher elevation than Mexico City,” said White of Werdum’s preparation for the altitude change. “People think Denver is a tough place to fight— this is a tough place to fight. I think we broke the record for guys puking in the back. Like six guys threw up after their fights. This altitude kills you here.”

How different do you think the card would have been if the altitude change wasn’t as severe as it was? Do you think it’s the fighters’ responsibility to get acclimated to the change, or should Dana White simply expect performances like this when booking events in cities like Denver and Mexico City?

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