Dana White: ‘TRT Ruins Good Fighters, It Needs To Go’

“When you really break it down and look at it – it’s science. As you get older, your testosterone starts to get lower, science has figured out a way to get it back up to even.

“But like in all things when money is involved, people will find ways to cheat. And even though this thing is legal, people have found out a way to cheat on it. So it has to go away.”

“It ruins good fighters. Once you get on this stuff, or any type of steroid, you can’t get off it. You have to continue to use it. Because once you start using it, your body stops producing it like it did before. So it’s not good for you.”

In a recent interview with BT Sports, UFC President Dana White, discussed the ongoing controversy surrounding Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Agree with the boss, or you think fighters boosting their test. is cool?

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