Dana White: ‘The NFL Couldn’t Pay Me Enough’

Dana White


UFC president Dana White is fine right where he is. White recently talked to Palm Beach Post about all things UFC and mentioned that there is one job he certainly does not want.

While talking about the idea of fighter unions, White mentioned the NFL and says he’s thankful that he doesn’t have to deal with stuff that they deal with.

“Not even the unions. I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with all of the stuff the NFL has to deal with. The NFL has to deal with a lot of stuff. They always give that commissioner a hard time, man, but let me tell you, every morning when I wake up, I thank God I’m not him.”

“They’d have to pay me way too much to take that job. No way in hell.”

“There’s no doubt — Goodell has to deal with things that I hope I never have to deal with.”

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