Dana White Talks TRT in MMA and Vitor Belfort

Dana White spoke to media members during a recent media scrum about TRT in MMA, as well as Vitor Belfort’s ability to get licensed to fight Chael Sonnen on July 5th.

When asked what would happen if Belfort’s request for a license was denied White said “There is no plan B”

After TRT was banned by the UFC earlier this year Belfort was pulled from his scheduled bout against Chris Weidman. Then he was randomly tested on February 7th, however the results of that test were undisclosed. Dana White addressed this by saying:

“Here’s the reality of that test, doctors disagree with the results of that test.”

“Here’s the problem, nobody knows what the fuck they are talking about when it comes to TRT and the testing,” said White. “It’s the main reason it had to go away. If you talk to three different doctors, if you talk to different commissions, everybody has a different opinion on it. Nobody knew what the hell they were talking about. When it’s like that it’s got to go away, it’s too big of a problem.”

“I think we have the best system in all of sports. Wanderlei Silva just got caught (and) he didn’t even fight yet. They’re chasing guys around. They’re pre-testing. They’re random testing. If you do anything in this sport, you will get caught.”

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