Dana White On Silva’s Potential Retirement: “Anderson Silva Is A Competitor”

Anderson Silva


During his UFC 183 post-fight Octagon speech, and during the post-fight press conference, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was noncommittal when it came to answering questions regarding his fighting future.

UFC President Dana White spoke post-fight to Michael Bisping, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Anik to discuss his thoughts on Silva’s future, and to dismiss retirement talks for The Spider.

“Every time Anderson talks publicly whether it is to the press or whatever, you always walk away going ‘what just happened? Did he just retire?’ He said he is not going to do this and he is not going to do that. Anderson Silva is a competitor. I think he wanted to come into tonight, get over the — I mean, you guys know better than anybody knows — when you are coming off an injury you always feel a little, you know. This guy broke his shin in half. That is a serious injury to come back from. This isn’t basketball, this isn’t baseball, this is combat sports where you go in and have full contact with another human being. And you know, Anderson made it five rounds tonight.”

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