Dana White Says He Is No Closer To Reaching A Deal With Nick Diaz

UFC President Dana White spoke to media members following UFC Fight Night Dublin, and the question was asked if Nate Diaz was worth the investment, White doesn’t think so, but does think Nate’s older brother Nick is.

“Nick is a needle mover. Nick moves the needle,”

“Nick’s not holding out. Nick said, ‘I’m just not going to fight for a while. I’m going to retire.’ And I think that when that’s your mindset, you need to take some time off. This isn’t baseball, or some sport where you can whatever. This is fighting. You’ve got to be all-in or all-out,”

This is bad news for Diaz fans, who may not get to see their favorite Stockton bad boy compete in the Octagon again. That is unless a bout with Anderson Silva for his return materializes in 2015.

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