Dana White: ‘Rousey Can Beat A Man’s A**’

Dana White

“She’s changing the way we look at women. And she’s changing the way women look at themselves, definitely little girls. When we were growing up, you were told, ‘You little girls play over here and boys play over here.’ Ronda Rousey smashes that whole thing. The thing that’s scary is, Ronda’s still learning. Every time Ronda comes out, she looks better. She came in here as a judo fighter. Well, now she’s becoming a well-rounded fighter. In the history of the world, there’s never been a situation where a woman could kick a man’s ass. Ever. Now there is. I’d take Ronda Rousey against anybody, man.”

UFC President Dana White believes that Ronda Rousey can kick your ass!

Do you agree?

Transcript Props: The Washington Post