Dana White Puts Morals Over Money In UFC Decision Making

Dana White

“Obviously the (Rice) video, and what happened was horrifying but I think a lot of positives are happening now. It’s brought a lot of attention and awareness and I think from here on out it should all be positive. We always were proactive. Since we started ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ we’ve done full background checks on all the guys coming in. If they ever had anything, any violence against women, they didn’t get on.

“We’ve been all over [the Anthony Johnson case] and when you move as fast as we move, and the things we’ve been doing, it’s hard to police thousands of guys and know what exactly is going on but as soon as we’ve found information on guys, we’ve acted. Of course, the way we always react is morally first then the business second.”

UFC President Dana White discusses the difficulties of having 500 fighters under contract, who sometimes do bad things.

(Quote via the International Business Times)

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