Dana White Profiled By Prestigious U.S. Media Outlet & It Doesn’t Look Good

The Washington Post, one of our country’s most prestigious media outlets recently did a profile on UFC president Dana White.

Here’s an excerpt:

Interviewer Ariel Helwani just asked Chuck Liddell whether he would want to fight Jon Jones, who’s 18 years younger than the retired MMA legend. The broadcast is Internet-only at this point, a lead-in to the night’s pay-per-view, but that doesn’t matter to White, who is momentarily slack-jawed before making a bee-line for the door.

“He’s retired, you idiot!” White yells at Helwani, his voice echoing in the concrete hallway.

“I just [expletive] ripped Ariel Helwani’s head off for that interview of Chuck Liddell. . . . How do you call out a 44-year old [expletive] legend and ask him if he wants to fight a 26-year old [expletive] kid?”

White paces around the room a bit before sinking into one of the sofas. Soon Borsari arrives and explains that a producer was the one who suggested the offensive question. White is quiet for a second.

“Well, I’ll go apologize to him then,” he says, walking toward the door, still brooding.

The article give an impression of Dana, an impression he may not want on such a well respected publication.

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