Dana White Plays Nice – Has Nothing Bad To Say About The NSAC

“I think the Nevada State Athletic Commission is atrocious. I think the governor needs to step in immediately before these guys destroy this sport like they did boxing.”

That’s what, Dana White, said about the NSAC following the controversial GSP vs. Johny Hendricks decision.

Fast forward just a few short months, and on the heels of the NSAC Director, Keith Kizer’s, resignation and Dana has changed his tune entirely.

“Contrary to popular belief, I have nothing negative to say about the old regime.”

“My frustration has not just been with Nevada, but with everybody everywhere. The judging and the reffing, I see things being done to make it better. I think we’re going in a good direction right now. I feel confident that this is going to be a good year for the sport in Nevada who leads the charge in combat sports, and in the rest of the states. Everywhere I go the commissions give me the feeling that everyone wants to make it better.”

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