Dana White: May-Pac Isn’t Aldo-McGregor!


Dana White has been permitted by officials to attend the biggest boxing fight in recent memory. When Floyd Mayweather faces off with Manny Pacquiao, White will be there as a journalist reporting on the fight.

Already in Las Vegas, White has been making media appearances all week long giving predictions for Saturday’s big fight. When someone mentioned it would be the fight of the century in a recent scrum with the press, Globo Sport said White quickly asked, “Fight of the century? I mean, seriously? Is this the fight of the century? This is a fight that people wanted to see for a long time, and boxing doesn’t do a lot of these”

White went on to compare Mayweather/Pacquiao to another big matchup in the UFC. “The difference in MMA is that we always do the fights, the big fights that guys wanna see. Right now, our fight like that is Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo… You saw the reception with the world tour that we did. We did seven million dollars!”

Do you think Dana White is correct in comparing Aldo/McGregor to Mayweather/Pac-Man?

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