Dana White Hopes He Can Fix Jury’s Beef With Reebok

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This past weekend, Myles Jury sent out a tweet that made it clear he hated Reebok. He trashed them verbally then proceeded to post a picture of all of his Reebok shoes in the garbage can!

Needless to say, Dana White was not happy after reading that. Dana White played a big part in UFC signing on with Reebok and for one of his fighters to do that wasn’t the best way to kick off a new partnership.

During a call with the media, White said he was on a mission to patch things up between Jury and Reebok. “Before we did the deal with Reebok, [Jury] was talking to Reebok. We are going to make it right. We gotta fix it. So we’re going to get together with Reebok, we’re going to get together with Myles and we’re going to fix it.”

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