Dana White Finally Comments On Nick Diaz Suspension

Dana White

The UFC have yet to release any kind of statement regarding the Nick Diaz five year suspension. Even president Dana White has been quiet on the controversy, aside from saying that the NSAC doesn’t care what he thinks.

Well at a recent Q&A White finally opened up a little more and talked about the five year suspension and the $165,000 fine handed down to the fighter by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday.

White said he still doesn’t know all the facts, so he wouldn’t really give an opinion, but did say that Diaz doesn’t play by the rules and when you do that with the government bad things will happen.

Check out some of what he said below:

“It’s so jarring when you hear this. ‘Wait a minute, this guy was suspended five years and got a $150,000 for marijuana?’ You can take that completely out of context, too, but that’s his third offense. It’s his third offense and let’s all be honest here, Nick Diaz doesn’t exactly play by the rules. Listen, everybody would love to hang out and smoke weed all day and not play by the rules. That sounds awesome. That sounds like a great thing to do. But in reality, you can’t do that, especially when you’re dealing the government.”

“When this thing went down, we’ve been here. Many people who know me and know the sport, I’ve been a very reactionary person in the past. I’m a little older and a little wiser now. I don’t just react. I have to know all the facts. I don’t know all the facts.”

What do you guys think of White’s comments?

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