Dana White on Eye Pokers: ‘Maybe They Should Lose the Round’

dana white

Daron Cruickshank suffered two eye pokes, the latter of which lead to the fight being ruled a no contest. As expected, the topic was brought up during the “TUF 20 Finale” post fight press conference and Dana White was quick to explain that he has no idea what to do about the issue.

“I don’t know what to do about eye pokes other than referees telling them to close their hands”, White confessed. The fact that White did not mention anything about a glove redesign rules out the possibility in the near future.

White went on to mention that maybe the punishment for eye pokes should be more brutal than a warning and an eventual point deduction. “Maybe the punishment should be that they lose the round…” White offered.

Eye pokes have influenced the outcomes of two major fights in the octagon this month. Do you think the UFC will do something about this in the near future?

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