Dana White: Chael Sonnen Could Run the UFC One Day

Dana White spoke to Media members in Berlin recently, and one of the topics that was brought up was who Dana thought would make a good replacement for when he decides he’s burned out and has enough being the UFC President.

“I think Chael would be fantastic,” White said. “The thing is with Chael, though, is that he over-exaggerates too much, and you don’t know what’s real and what’s not.”

Chael is obviously a passionate guy,” White said. “I think he loves [the sport], and he’s great.”

“Let me tell you what, Chael has so many opportunities right now, he wouldn’t even have time,” White said. “If I left tomorrow, and they said, ‘Hey, we want you to run this thing,’ he’s got a lot of big opportunities out there right now. It’s wide open for him.”

It’s no secret that Chael Sonnen is the best fight promoter in the UFC, and arguably the best trash talker in the world, let alone the world of professional sports.

What do you think PENNation? Who do you think could potentially replace Dana White when he decides he’s had enough?

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