Dana White Calls For Less Sparring, Less Contact To Prevent Injuries

Dana White

Dana White


With the injury to Khabib Nurmagomedov, UFC president Dana White has ramped up his conversation about injuries.

More specifically, White has some thoughts on how fighters should be training. Check out what he had to say when he spoke with La Aficion.

“The conversation that I was having with Javier Mendez, is we’ve got to start training these guys different in the gym. These guy have to start having a lot less contact when it comes to sparring.

“The NFL has proven it. They’ve done these studies. The NFL isn’t hitting every day like they used to. They’re playing on Sunday man – that’s it. You have to have some sparring in there, but these guys are doing way too much damage to their fighters inside the gym.

“The response from the trainers has been good. Listen, Javier Mendes said ‘If Cain isn’t fighting, nobody is getting paid. I’m not getting paid, Cain’s not getting paid The UFC isn’t making money to pay Cain. So it’s not good for anyone.’

“So it’s awesome that a guy like Javier gets it. There’s no ego involved. He wants to do what’s right by his fighters.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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