Dana White Blasts GSP and NSAC During UFC 167 Post Fight Press Conference

On Saturday night at UFC 167, Georges St. Pierre successfully defended his UFC Welterweight Championship against challenger Johny Hendricks. At least, the judge’s think he did. The rest of the mixed martial arts community is currently in an uproar claiming that Johny Hendricks did enough to dethrone the champion. Even the UFC President Dana White feels that Hendricks was robbed.

At the start of the UFC 167 Post Fight Press Conference, Dana White went on a tirade about how the governor needed to step in and make some big changes to how the Nevada State Athletic Commission operates.

“Did you see Georges get smashed and hurt in the first round? It’s about damage. This is a fight. It’s about whoever inflicts the most damage. He got hurt, he got wobbled, he got dropped. I’m blown away that Georges St. Pierre won that fight. And listen, I’m a promoter. He’s the biggest pay-per-view star on the f*****g planet for me, and I still don’t think he won that fight. I want what’s fair and that wasn’t fair.” White claimed.

He continued, “I think the Nevada State Athletic Commission is atrocious. I think the governor needs to step in immediately before these guys destroy this sport like they did boxing. It’s absolute 100% incompetence and it needs to stop— I’m f*****g scared to come back here and do fights! I’m afraid of this state. I guarantee if you did a poll, not many people found that Georges St. Pierre won that fight.”

When a media member asked what he thought about St. Pierre’s quasi-retirement speech, his face got even more red.

“Did he say he wants to retire? He didn’t say ‘I’m gonna retire, it’s been great everybody! Thanks a lot for all the years, see you later!’ He said ‘I’m gonna take some time off and I’m gonna”— FIRST of all, that decision that happens, right? You don’t just say ‘I’m gonna take a while off and maybe I’ll be back and maybe I won’t’. You owe it to the fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe it to this company and you owe it to Johny Hendricks to give him that opportunity to fight again unless you’re gonna retire.”

When asked if he was going to try and convince GSP to come back sooner rather than later, White responded “You bet your *** I will my friend.”

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