Dana: ‘I used to beat the living $h!t out of Tito Ortiz’

As everyone knows, Dana White and Tito Ortiz, do not get a long and they haven’t for a very long time.

This beef goes way back.

Back in 2007, the UFC boss and Tito’s rivalry hit an all new height and the two were actually going to fight each other. UFC President Dana White got licensed by the Nevada State Athletic commission. He also filmed an entire reality series (that aired on SPIKE) around the bout, and after a full training camp, Dana, was left on the side-lines and Tito Ortiz just never showed up.

Now we have Dana White bringing back those old memories at today’s media event and here’s a snip: (Transcribed by MMAFighting.com)

“Believe me. I’m not trying to sound like a tough guy and I don’t talk about the thing a lot, but I was ready, in great shape and Tito bailed on that thing because Tito knew he was going to get his ass whooped on national television… If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do it. If I knew Tito was going to bail out of the thing, I would’ve never done it. I had to have nose surgery after all that stuff, getting ready for that fight. I was sparring with real guys. I brought in real pro heavyweights, young guys that were literally beating the shit out of me every day. It was not fun.

“The reality is with me is Tito knew. Tito knew. Tito had Jenna call negotiating like two weeks before the fight that he wanted to switch it to no head gear. Because this was supposed to be an amateur fight. So, he wanted to switch to no head gear. I said, ‘Fine. We’ll go no head gear.’ They wanted to switch to 8 ounce gloves. I said, ‘Ok, we can do 8 ounce gloves.'”

“The reality is I used to beat the living shit out of Tito Ortiz back when we first bought this company and we used to box.”

“Now, if Tito would’ve made this an MMA fight, I would’ve never said yes because Tito would murder me. He would double leg me, elbow my face off and rip my head right off my shoulders in an MMA fight. That’s not what he asked for. He asked for a boxing match with me and I would’ve beat the living shit out of Tito. And he knows it and that’s why he didn’t do it.”



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