Dan Henderson Wants Do-Over With Belfort

Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson Talks


“The two guys I’d like to fight, I guess, would be Vitor and Mousasi. Mousasi, if not for any other reason other than I felt that I didn’t get to fight him. And Vitor, yeah, it would be nice to fight him in the states without his doctor as the head of the athletic commission.”

“Yeah, physically he looked quite a bit different. His stamina went away pretty quick, as well. You know, I’m sure he works hard, but so do I. My body hasn’t changed in 10 years. I’m not exactly sure what’s making his body change like that, but it isn’t the same thing I was doing.”

UFC and MMA veteran Dan Henderson said, on The MMA Hour, that he would like another crack atĀ Gegard Mousasi or Vitor Belfort. Mostly because he would like to fight Belfort in a country where his doctor isn’t also the commissioner of the athletic commission, which as a jab at Belfort having to do with his past TRT use. Which is something that Henderson used, but says whatever Vitor was using was certainly not the same thing.


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