Dan Henderson reveals his thoughts on the UFC/Reebok partnership

Dan Henderson

When Ultimate Fighting Championship inked an exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok, fighters and fans alike were cautious to celebrate. The partnership restricts fighters from wearing any other sponsor other than Reebok to the octagon which limited the possible income of fighters across the board. Everybody from a debuting fighter to veterans like Miesha Tate have been seriously impacted by the deal and Brendan Schaub chose to retire due to the loss in sponsorship money.

No matter where fans live or how long they have been watching, they always respect and listen to what Dan Henderson has to say. His style of fighting and storied career makes it easy to like him and his opinion on the Reebok sponsorship is sure to raise some eyebrows.

“To limit it to not being able to have your other sponsorship’s or limit the fighters to not even make a choice, I don’t think that’s a positive thing for the fighters.”

After the topic of Henderson making only $15,000 in sponsorship money for his next fight with Vitor Belfort was brought up, he responded, “It is a pay cut. Unfortunately that’s what we’re dealing with and that’s the way it is.”

Dan Henderson is currently preparing to step into the octagon with Vitor Belfort for the third time at “UFC Fight Night 77” on November 7th. This will be the third meeting between the two, as they met once in the octagon before as well as PRIDE.

Do you think this partnership with Reebok is a step in the right direction, or is this going to force some fighters to jump ship to other promotions? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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