Daley: ‘Lima’s scared to fight me’

Paul daley

Paul daley

“All of a sudden you gotta face this kid from England with an 80-percent knockout ratio and you’ve never faced anyone like him before and you’re fat and out of shape, then of course you’re gonna create an excuse. He was gonna be in big trouble. This was my opportunity. I’ve had other opportunities before and I really wasn’t going to let this one pass by. He got lucky to escape.”

“I have no doubt he has some form of injury. But I’m a hard English man. I’ve never once pulled out of a fight because of injury. I’m gonna fight regardless. I’ve fought countless time with injuries. I’m a fighter. That’s what I do.

“Obviously, Douglas Lima doesn’t have a fighter’s mentality.”

“It is an excuse for not being able to make weight in the time given to him and getting out of a beating,” Daley said. “I don’t buy it. I think he’s most definitely running. He’s scared.”

In a new interview with MMAFighting.com, UFC veteran fan favorite Paul Daley talked about Bellator welterweight champion Douglas Lima and his withdrawal from their scheduled bout.

You buying what Daley is selling?