Georges St-Pierre

gsp angry

“You would be surprised what kind of crap I eat sometimes. I love cheeseburgers, poutine, oh my god. I think I am the best customer to the Dairy Queen. There is a Dairy Queen near my house, and I go there almost every day. The guy is freaking out “are you kidding me?!” I take the vanilla sorbet, dip it in chocolate, oh my gosh so good. Try it! Someone who has never tasted it, it is amazing.”

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre may not be able to get back into the octagon anytime soon due to the fact that he’s eating too much Dairy Queen!

That’s right: One of the most fit people to step into the octagon has become a daily customer to ice cream and fast food conglomerate Dairy Queen. That should make us all feel a little less guilty for cheating on our diets yesterday… and today.

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