D.C.: ‘If Jon Jones Is Ready So Am I’ — Explains Decision to Stand With Gustafsson


Daniel Cormier on not wrestling Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192: “It was a part of the plan to wrestle him and my coaches were going crazy for me to get a takedown. But after a while you settle into a fight. I like to fight. Once I saw blood, I had a fight. I said I wanted to win a standup fight against him and people laughed at me. I wanted to prove that I could do it.”


Cormier on getting hurt by the knee in the third: “I got hit with that knee and it hurt, but it was the left hook that followed that put me down. I was cruising into the third before that. That was the most I’ve been hurt in my career.”


Cormier on his opinion of Gustafsson after the fight: “I think he’s an A-plus fighter and a really good guy. I treated him with respect. He’s one of the best in the world. Even though he didn’t win, he’s a champion inside the Octagon.”


Cormier on if he will fight Jones or Bader next: “Ryan Bader did really stick it to us by beating Rashad. He changed the game. He has by far earned the title shot. But Jones is going to get it if he comes back. Jon and I did big business in January and we’ll do bigger business next time. This is the biggest fight the UFC can do. The UFC is a business. Ryan, I apologize to you. I think you might have to fight again. He understands and see’s what’s going on in this business.”

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