Cyborg Signed To Zuffa? White Says Ask Fertitta


This past Friday, Invicta FC 11 went down from Los Angeles, the same town as UFC 184 went down on Saturday night. At Invicta FC 11, Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg defended her featherweight strap in just 46 seconds. At UFC 184 on Saturday, Ronda Rousey defended her UFC women’s bantamweight strap in just 14 seconds.

With both women winning their respective bouts, many are asking whether or not the UFC will sign Cris Cyborg to fight Rousey in a superfight.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently said UFC Executives helped Cyborg negotiate a new contract with Invicta, however a member of Cyborg’s camp said she signed with Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company.

If you ask UFC President Dana White however, he says to ask Lorenzo Fertitta.

He spoke at the UFC 184 post-fight press conference:

“Call Lorenzo on Monday. Talk to him.”

White went on to discuss the main issue in making the bout official, Cyborg’s weight.

“It’s a serious weight issue here. That’s the issue. If ‘Cyborg’ fought last night and she was 135 pounds, yeah, we’d be talking about this right now.”

While Ronda Rousey refrains from publicly calling for a bout against Cyborg, Dana White says she does in fact want the bout.

“She’ll never say it; I was waiting to see if she would say it in public — she won’t say it in public. She asks me all the time. She’s like, ‘I’ll fight her whenever she makes 135.’ She’s got to make the weight. She will fight her in a minute if she makes 135 pounds. She wants to fight her.

“It’s not on Ronda. Ronda’s 135 pounds. She’s the world champion. She’s breaking records. ‘Cyborg’s got to make the weight. Make 135 pounds, and this fight will happen.”