Cyborg Already Signed To The UFC?


The breaking news came in the truckloads on the most recent episode of Stud Show Radio. Co-host Justin Buchholz came ready and dropped three huge pieces of MMA news. One of the stories Buchholz talked about had to do with the rivalry between Ronda Rousey and Cristiane Cyborg. Read on because this is some big news.

According to Buchholz, who claims to have a source close to Zuffa, had this to say:

“So my sources inside the Zuffa reign, in Las Vegas, told me that Cyborg is signed with the UFC. She’s signed with the UFC, it’s under wraps, and she’s loaned to Invicta right now. She’s fighting for Invicta, but she’s like loaned to Invicta because Invicta and UFC have some weird partnership, it’s on Fight Pass and stuff like that. She’s getting paid by the UFC, under contract by the UFC, but she’s fighting for Invicta, bringing Invicta up right now, while they build this rivalry. And Rousey and Cyborg, that’s in the future, that’s in the plan.”

Listen to them break the news on the latest episode:

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

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