Cung Le Confident He Will Win Drug Test Appeal

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“I’m glad I’m able to appeal and am very confident. The facts are out there. If the right test had been done, this would have never happened.”

“This is new to everyone — to the UFC, obviously — and I’m happy to now have the chance I deserve to appeal after taking a pounding and getting called a cheater by people who’ve never researched my career or taken note that it was spotless before this.”

“My levels were high because I was in recovery mode. They pull me into the drug testing room, telling me to test. I’m bleeding all over the place and they haven’t started stitching me up yet. They clean me up a little … I had three cuts on my face. The lady starts sticking me, having a hard time finding a vein. I look down, a stream of blood is flying off my arm. My urine was completely bloody because of my eye injury, I had bruised ribs … you think the body wouldn’t be under stress?”


In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, UFC middleweight fighter, Cung Le discussed his recent battle out of the cage, with a poorly administered post-fight drug test.

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