Cruz: ‘Dillashaw Is Walking Right Into My Trap’

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz will be stepping back into the octagon to face current champ TJ Dillashaw after being out for quite some time.

Still, Cruz is confident in his skills and finds it funny that Dillashaw thinks he’s figured him out.

Actually, the 135 pound fighter says there are things he does on purpose that will make them think they found flaws in his game, but those are just traps.

Check out what he told FOX Sport.

“They look at me, my fights and they think they’ve figured me out. They think they have emulated me and that they see holes in my game. They have no idea. They see the switching of stances, the moving this way, or that way, and they think they see holes. What they don’t know is that there’s a reason for everything that I do. They are supposed to be able to read it. I leave certain things out there for them to grab onto, and they are a trap. They study me and think they see flaws, but they are just walking into a trap.”

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