Cruiserweight division imminent?

As the sport of MMA continues to grow and evolve, so does the need for revisions to the rules for competition, as does the possibility for more weight classes.

The Association of Boxing Commissions President Mike Mazzulli spoke to MMAJunkie about their plan to address the ban of 12-6 elbows, the criteria for a 10-8 round, and the possibility of a cruiserweight division between light heavyweight and heavyweight.

“I know there’s some advocates of the north-south elbows. I’m always sitting on the side of caution and protection of the fighter because their careers are short enough.”

One man who likely has an opinion on 12-6 elbows is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who was dominating in a fight against Matt Hamill until the fight was stopped because Jones used 12-6 downward elbows. To this date, the loss is the only one on Jones record.

“Everyone in the committee has an equal voice and an equal say. One thing I personally want to look at is a cruiserweight division. I think it’s too massive a (weight) jump between (the light heavyweight and heavyweight division). What if we did a cruiserweight at 230?”

“We set policy and recommend policy, but we don’t require it. I told the commissions, the ABC is here for you. We’re not here to be cops and tell you how to run your shows because you’re big boys.”

A cruiserweight division could certainly change the landscape of the UFC. As it currently stands, the light heavyweight division covers 185-205 pounds, whereas the heavyweight division covers 205-265 pounds. Smaller heavyweight fighters could drop down to cruiserweight at 230 pounds while big light heavyweights could go up to the 230 pound cruiserweight limit, creating an interesting weight class.

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