Credit Where It’s Due — McGregor Is Top Notch

Frankie Edgar


A win over “The California Kid” this weekend at “UFC Fight Night 66” could give Frankie Edgar the boost he needs to earn another shot at the UFC Featherweight Championship. Win or lose, you can bet that Edgar will keep a close eye on Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo’s title fight at UFC 189.

Edgar thought he would be next in line after dominating Cub Swanson, but he was surprised to see that McGregor leap-frogged him. “I beat the No. 1 contender pretty handily my last fight. I was hoping that was going to be enough to get me that title shot, but McGregor did a good job of putting away everybody he’s fought and promoting himself the right way to get that title shot.”

Edgar believes that McGregor is one of the best talents the featherweight division has to offer, but still sees holes in his game that he needs to improve upon. “I still think there are some unknowns about McGregor,” said Edgar. “We haven’t really seen him go a long distance fight. You haven’t seen him kind of deal with adversity and you really don’t know anything about his ground game, but everything that we do know about him is top notch.”

Edgar knows that Jose Aldo is one of the most dominant fighters in the octagon today, but he has no reason to doubt that McGregor has what it takes to get the job done at UFC 189. “He’s in a good position with Aldo. He’s a phenomenal athlete. He’s a great fighter. I think a lot of people kind of hate on him just because of his mouth, but I mean he’s lived up to everything he said. He’s gone in there and made quick work of pretty much everybody.”

Would Frankie Edgar do well against Conor McGregor? Is that the next title match you want to see, or does Urijah Faber have the fight in the bag? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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